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1970-81 Camaro Frame System

Modular Three-Section Frame System

Chassisworks’ ‘70-81 Camaro frame system is made up of three separate subframe systems that can be used individually with the factory subframe and rear frame rails or used collectively to form a bumper-to-bumper full-frame assembly.

  • Uses Chassisworks g-Machine front suspension
  • Front Tires: 295 to 315 max.
  • Bolt-In Subframe Connector System
  • Uses Chassisworks g-Bar rear suspension
  • Rear Tires: 335 to 365 max. (when available)
  • Complete exhaust system available

For additional information download the product data sheet or contact our technical staff by email or phone; (888) 388-0297.

Click to download product data sheet

Click to download product data sheet (1.15MB PDF)

g-Machine Subframe

Direct-fit fabricated front subframe can be outfitted for a broad range of performance applications

Transmission Crossmember

Four different tubular transmsion crossmembers for use with g-Machine or OEM subframes

Subframe Connectors

Bolt-in subframe connectors and driveshaft safety loop for g-Machine or OEM subframes

g-Bar Rear Suspension

Canted 4-Bar coil-over or air-spring rear suspension systems (optional rear frame rails shown)

g-Machine Front Subframeg-Machine Front Subframe

The heart of the system is the direct-fit, fabricated, g-Machine Camaro front subframe, a high-performance suspension and steering solution, engineered from the ground up to give classic F-bodies the broadest selection of performance configurations available. Control arm, shock absorber, spindle, brake, and steering options allow custom configurations suitable for show-dropped air suspensions, competitive road handling, lightweight drag racing, and everything in between.

Subframe Connector System

To bridge the unsupported distance between the front subframe and the rear suspension, multiple styles of mandrel-bent 2x2” subframe connectors are available for bolt-in installation with factory or Chassisworks’ front subframes. A bolt-in, factory-welded, center support with optional driveshaft loop can also be added to further stiffen the chassis and strengthen the lower suspension mounting area.


g-Bar Rear Suspension Systemsg-Bar Rear Suspension System

Chassisworks’ g-Bar and g-Link systems represent the current state-of-the-art in retrofit, canted-4-bar suspension design. Following suit with the configuration options of the g-Machine front subframe system, the g-Bar and g-Link air-spring and coil-over systems feature multiple styles of suspension links, shock absorbers, anti-roll bars, and installation brackets. The system can be installed with factory 10- or 12-bolt rearend housings, or Chassisworks’s FAB9™, Ford 9” conversion, fabricated housings. To accommodate multiple levels of vehicle customizing and performance goals, rear frame brackets can be ordered as bolt-in, weld-supported brackets or as short 2x3” front rail and full-length 2x3” frame rails to dramatically increase rear-tire clearance.

All specifications and prices listed throughout the website and linked documents are subject to change.
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