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Tube swedging machineWe recently invested in yet another manufacturing process, called swedging. This machine allows us to expand the diameter of one tube to fit outside another piece of the same-OD tubing, like a sleeve. The expansion is achieved by applying multiple tons of pressure per inch on the end of the tube. This machine enables us to make those cool, slip-fit exhaust systems!

Raw tubing stockChassisworks refuses to hold up its customers because of material shortages. That’s why we inventory a minimum of 30,000 feet of 1-5/8”- diameter tubing, and at least 12,000 feet of 3x2” material. It’s a huge investment on our part, but we know that when a drag racer or car builder needs bent parts, he needs them now! The payoff on this investment is the capacity to service our customers’ needs more efficiently and effectively.

High density warehousing systemA high-density warehousing system that lets us stack finished parts 25 feet high enables Chassisworks to maintain the largest inventory in the industry. In fact, we ship 98 percent of all orders within 24 hours! Our specially designed packaging and custom-made boxes are engineered to package your order securely, in fewer containers — saving you shipping costs.

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