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Ball-End Anti-Roll Bar

The newest innovation in rear-suspension control is Chassisworks’ ball-end anti-roll bar with integrated frame-rail mounts. The unique design provides maximum exhaust clearance by placing the anti-roll bar close against the vehicle’s under-body with no bulky mounts placed along the frame rail. The key to the tucked-away installation is the threaded weld-in mounting sleeves installed directly through each frame rail. Billet bushing housings screw in from the outside of each frame rail to capture the ball-ends of the bar with low-friction polymer bearings. The anti-roll-bar assembly includes a 7/8” road handling or 1-1/4” drag race, heat-treated torsion bar with splined ends and billet aluminum arms. Each arm features a single split to ease installation fit, and to clamp down upon the spline when tightened. A socket-head fastener applies pressure to the spline, creating a play-free joint while also fitting into a groove machined at the end of the bar. This locking joint prevents the arms from sliding, even under extreme force. Billet arms connect to the chassis mounts by adjustable-length steel end-link assemblies with 3/8”-shank 4130-body rod ends for the ultimate in strength. Complete kits are price at $459 and available for purchase through the Chassisworks website. For complete details visit or call direct to 888-388-0297.



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Chassisworks Ball-End Anti-Roll Bar (press release image) Chassisworks Ball-End Anti-Roll Bar (product image)
Chassisworks Ball-End Anti-Roll Bar Chassisworks Ball-End Anti-Roll Bar
Installed on Canted 4-Bar Rear Frame System  
Installed on Canted 4-Bar Rear Frame System  

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