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Total Control Products - '71-73 Rack and Pinion Conversion

A top-notch performance steering system is now within grasp of 1973-73 Mustang and Cougar owners. With a bit of trimming, welding and a common set of hand tools Total Control Products (TCP) patented power rack and pinion unit can bring your later classic to a new level of confident handling. The quick-ratio rack rounds out the ultimate performance package when matched with TCP's front coil-over conversion and g-Link rear suspension. Backed by extensive engineering and manufacturing expertise, the Total Control Products rack-and-pinion systems are the premiere steering solution for 1964-73 Mustang/Cougar and 1960-65 Falcon/Comet/Ranchero. Maintaining correct steering geometry, full centerlink travel, and a high level of positive, direct steering without decreasing ground clearance or obstructing header clearance is unique to Total Control’s patented design and not possible with OEM-based units. Rack and pinion kits ship complete with intermediate steering shaft, and U-joints for OEM column; tie-rods optional. Installation video, data sheet and price information available online.


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Total Control Products - 1971-73 Mustang/Cougar Rack and Pinion Total Control Products - Rack and Pinion

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