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Bolt-On 4-Link Cantilever Suspension Systems

The KP Components 4-link cantilever systems combine parallel or triangulated 4-link suspension, panhard bar, and an innovative cantilevered air-bag mounting mechanism. Each system effectively multiplies the amount of suspension travel the air bag can normally provide. When the complete bolt-on system is installed along with the supplied frame-step-notch kit, a substantial 10” to 12” range of suspension travel is available. This allows a truck to be safely driven on public roads without fear of dragging the undercarriage over commonly encountered obstacles and then, be completely laid-out, frame to the ground when parked. Replacing the factory components with KP’s air-suspension system also has the benefit of greatly improved ride quality. Through use of an easily changeable dogbone-endlink component, the travel range can be altered to work with nearly all wheel diameters and allows the frame to be laid-out on up to 24” wheels. Packages include urethane-bushed four-link suspension and cantilever mechanism, panhard bar or optional watts link locater, air bags, shocks, and mounting hardware. All components are powder coated or plated for corrosion resistance. Complete bolt-on systems are available for GM 1/2-ton trucks from 1963 to 2006, S10s from 1982 to 2003, and Ford F150s from 1997 to 2003. Installation requires no fabrication with only minimal cutting and welding to install the frame step notch on certain applications.


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Bolt-On 4-Link Cantilever Suspension with Panhard Bar Bolt-On 4-Link Cantilever Suspension with Watts Link

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